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Awkward conversation

STRANGER—What do you do?

ME—I publish an educational website about chronic pain.

STRANGER—Wow, great! I’m a naturopath! What’s your website?

ME—Hmm, you might not like it. It’s very science-y.

THE “DOCTOR—Oh, but naturopathy is all about the science.

Awkward… 🎶

Obviously my mistake was saying “you might not like it.” I should have just said, “, hope you like it!” (Hey, you never know, there’s about 3% chance she would.) But I was distracted and in a rush and just blew it, just flung the door wide open for a “debate”… which she then attempted, while I was buying groceries. All I could do was extricate myself as fast as humanly possible.

I absolutely refuse to try to change people’s minds about anything directly (personal debunking is futile). But, for the record, my position is that naturopathy is quackery, of course.

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Awkward conversation

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