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More mail than Stephen King?

It’s January 12, and I just caught up with the email backlog that built up in just a few days over the holidays, almost two weeks of grinding away it at least a couple hours per day. And I was being choosy! I deliberately ignore many kinds of messages (like requests for consults, or product manufacturers who want to send me something to review). There’s truly not enough time for it all, not even close.

It occurred to me wading through this mess that I may get more email than your average popular author got back in the 80s, when pop culture was already immense, but before the Internet made its creators so much more accessible. I’m sure Stephen King’s mail bag today is insanely deeper than mine, but I bet back in the 80s the number of letters he was getting was roughly comparable to what one man with a lot of website traffic gets today

Plus, the kinds of things I write about tend to really inspire correspondence, especially in this “send us your reckons” world.

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More mail than Stephen King?

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