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New store has a new online store! Launched last week, and working quite well so far. Getting this beast up and running has been about 80% of my job for the last two months—lots of programming. And still many loose ends to tie up!

Even so, I’ve managed to keep the content updates coming. That’s always a high priority for me. Still I look forward to returning to “all content, all the time” mode.

There’s not much to see with the new store: customers mostly just have a nicer experience, in many ways. It’s been a staggering amount of work for “nicer” 😉 but there are many under-the-hood benefits for the business too. Like, for instance, my payment processing fees have been cut almost in half. That’s going to pay off steadily!

If you want to get a taste of the nicer, click a buy button, any buy button (several of them here) to see the lovely new checkout panel.

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New store

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