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“Right-to-try” is the opposite of science-based medicine

H.R. 1010 and s.204, the “right-to-try” laws, will endorse and protect quackery and snake oil in general, and allow pharmaceutical companies to sell unproven products. So the opposite of science-based medicine. Dr. David Gorski:

‘Right-to-try’ laws are a cruel sham that purport to allow terminally ill patients access to promising experimental drugs. In reality, they strip away many protections and leave vulnerable patients on their own.

And the Treatment Action Group’s #StopRTT page:

These acts offer only false hope: they won’t do anything to compel companies to make their experimental drugs and devices available pre-approval. Instead, they would allow companies to sell investigational drugs and devices to the public before they have demonstrated their safety and efficacy, or gone through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

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“Right-to-try” is the opposite of science-based medicine

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