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Stretching as a sign of maturity?

Loud conversation overheard at the gym:

These kids, you know, they workout out like kids, they don’t stretch, they get hurt, they pull a groin, and they’re like, why, how did this happen? Well, maybe if you knew that stretching prevents injury, like a grown up, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt! Adults know that you have to stretch.

I love the implication that stretching to prevent injury is such locked-in wisdom that, in this guy’s mind, it’s synonymous with maturity: to be an adult is to know that stretching prevents injury! I came so close to interjecting: “And adults with more education know that the stretching to prevent injury is based on faith and received wisdom, and the scientific evidence clearly contradicts it.” I doubt that would have resulted in a productive conversation.

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Stretching as a sign of maturity?

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